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Our Mission

Tax Updates
At LT Gagnon, PLC, we deliver personalized, creative, comprehensive tax planning, compliance and audit defense services to business owners and investors.

We Are Committed to the Success of Every Client

Welcome to LT Gagnon PLC.  We are a specialized firm focused on individual success. Our experience in the tax industry begin in 1989.  Our firm provides tax planning, tax compliance, and representation services to our valued clients. We are proud to be the trusted financial advisor for business owners throughout the country.

At LT Gagnon CPA, we make goals clear and concise by personally explaining tax laws and finances in a way that builds knowledge and understanding. Every client's experience is unique, which is why we ensure our commitment to professionalism and advocacy. 

We are building long term relationships founded on clear and direct communication. 

"When it comes to managing your finances, the last thing you want are surprises, and at LT Gagnon, everything is planned to provide a seamless, goal-oriented experience. We are built on a culture of integrity and expertise, and we are committed to making every client successful."

Keeping your Business on Track to Reach Your Financial Goals 




712 North Tamarisk St.
Chandler, Arizona 85224

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